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At CFC Finance, our role as we see it, is to guide our clients through the complex and ever changing landscape of home loans and investment lending to find the right loan for you!

We have 3 programs that can support your goals:

  • First Home Freedom
  • Take Control
  • Free Your Family

CFC Finance - First Home Freedom is our program to assist First Home Buyers be able to enter the market with certainty around, affordability and maintaining lifestyle, managing loan repayments, debt reduction and future value. We walk our first home buyers through, what we believe is the most comprehensive First Home Buyer program to ensure their success. More than simply a mortgage broking service our First Home Freedom program is about building foundations that become the cornerstone of your future property wealth creation.

CFC Finance - Take Control is our program for clients who already own their own home and either want the ability to upgrade to a larger home for the family, or are ready to take the next step and begin investing in property. We take our clients through a program that involves determining with absolute certainty the current value of their asset and then provide them on information on how to best access their equity for investment or to upgrade.

CFC Finance - Free Your Family is our program to take our clients to the top of the property ownership ladder. This program is assists clients achieve the ultimate outcome which is to move from working for income, to an income from investment model. We have in the last 12 years supported Australian families develop multi-property portfolios using a consistent, reliable investment property strategy. To find out how CFC Finance can help your family contact us today.

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CFC Finance
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ABN: 39 113 046 316

Meet the CFC Finance Team

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George Kanellis

George Kanellis

1300 855 322
0425 224 242

George Kanellis

Professionalism at every turn.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism in every facet of our business. Simply click here for a copy of our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process.

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